Download Manual

The yoga4cancer Certificate Program Manual is designed to be used in conjunction with the online learning system. The manual is divided into sections that align to the curriculum of each online module to provide reading materials and additional resources.  The material in both mediums will support each other and at times be repetitive to ensure comprehension of core concepts. 

Notes about the Manual:

  • The manual is a combination of Tari’s experience over the past two decades including research, clinical application and experience with the information from oncology experts like the American Cancer Society, CDC and
  • We encourage you to print out each section and store in a binder.  At the end of the training, you will be provided a comprehensive document for downloading as well. 
  • The 3rd party expert contribution has been curated to ensure you are an effective Oncology Yoga professional. There is plenty more out there and we encourage to continue to ‘research’ and learn independently.
  • The manual is structured to support the online learning and provide deeper information.
  • Please note that in the Program Terms and Conditions, you accepted Ownership & Proprietary Rights requirements. Please review.