Program Curriculum & Calendar

Download your Curriculum.

A downloadable curriculum has been developed to support your training schedule. This helps identify what type of learning you will complete within each Module and Topic. Also it provides dates of scheduled Webinars for each the Summer and Fall sessions. In future Topics, you will be provided ways to access these webinars and recordings. Most of the learning system is self-paced and managed. Please be aware of one important deadline for the submission of your Teaching Practicum. There are two options for the Summer and Fall session. But each are strict.

Review your Calendar.

We have provided a live Google calendar to easily add key dates, deadlines and webinars to your personal or professional calendar. This will ensure you never miss a requirement or a deadline. This calendar is provided here, and is also included within your Program Details.

This calendar should automatically adjust to your Timezone if your computer or device settings are fully up to date. This will ensure that no matter where you are in the world you know when the key events are happening.

Please click on the event and ‘Copy to My Calendar‘. When webinar details are finalized, your calendar will automatically have the details populated.

Don’t have an Online Calendar?

An online calendar is not necessary, but is a great tool for life and business. Set one up at via Google.