Program Curriculum

The 55 hour program is designed to be self-paced and flexible for various schedules, our global community and learning styles. How, and when you study, practice and learn each week is largely up to you!

Tips to the Program Curriculum and Schedule:

  • To optimize comprehension and experience, follow the provided Curriculum by achieving at least 3-5 hours of study each week on average over the course of 16 weeks. This recommendation is based on an average amount of study per week; for certain weeks, you should expect to complete up to 10 hours of work, while other weeks may demand less than 3 hours. Your weekly dedication to this program is highly dependent on your pre-existing experience, training and approach to studying. Review this FAQ on the recommended pace of study.
  • At the start of each Online Module, the time it will take to complete the Module is listed. For example, at the start of this Program Orientation, we provided you with an estimate of 2 hours to complete this material, including your Welcome Webinar.
  • One strict deadline exists Teaching Practicum Deadline. Make careful note of this deadline now. Write it in your calendar. It is a strict deadline and missing it will mean that you will have to transfer between Sessions. Session transfers will incur a fee.
  • Weekly Program Emails will be sent each Monday to help you manage your progress and keep you on track. These weekly emails will provide signposts of the events, content and other topics that are in line with the Curriculum.
  • WARNING! Do not cram the content or program. It will impact your comprehension, experience and ultimately the quality of support you can provide to cancer patients and survivors.

Notes about the Curriculum:

  • Changing sessions – If, during your assigned session you are falling behind and submitting your practicum deadline is not possible, a program transfer will be suggested. A Transfer Fee of $100 is required to pay for the administrative and technical support related to the transfer and also serves as an incentive to achieve the 16-week curriculum. Please review the Program Terms and Conditions that you accepted upon your program registration.
  • Updates. We might update the Curriculum over the course of the program with additional events, deadlines and other details. These changes are designed to help and to provide additional support as needed. We will send emails about any changes and the most updated curriculum will be located here.