Schedule your Teaching Practicum

You are making great progress and we want to make sure you are prepared for the practicum elements as required in Module #5 and Module #6.

In Module #5, you will receive your Teaching Practicum assignment and this will include specific guidance and requirements. In that Module, you will be asked to practice your Teaching Practicum on a friend, family member or members of your community. This session can be done online with a participant as well. This session is about 20 mins in length and there is no video-recording required.

Further in Module #6, you will have the opportunity to make any necessary revisions to your Practicum based on your practice session. Then you will be required to video record yourself teaching your sequence for a second time, and submit this video as your Teaching Practicum. Complete instructions regarding how to upload your video are included in Module #6. Also they were provided in the Preface of the program Teaching Practicum Details.

Your Teaching Practicum video is due on:

February 1st, 2021

All dates are available in the program calendar in Program Details.