Managing the Online Learning Experience

Online learning is an effective tool and the growth in the industry speaks volumes. But for many, it can be un-nerving or unfamiliar. We know and have experienced that ourselves. Our goal is to provide tools for an easy online learning experience and reduce any frustration. This will ensure comprehension of the program content and ultimately benefit the cancer community we hope to serve.

With over 2,000 people successfully completing our Online Training program, we have found the challenges students face are easily solved and often resolved without our interaction. Often the issues students face are due to individual computer or device settings and / or impatience to follow the guidelines. So we encourage all our students to think about online learning like learning a new yoga pose! It takes a bit of patience, clear understanding of requirements and practice to achieve success. In the end you will find the new pose or experience rewarding.

To help you, we have compiled common issues and solutions based on past students experience (or frustrations). Please review this presentation:

You can access this file and others via the Tips to Online Learning. This resource will provide easy tips to ensure a smooth learning experience. For most issues, a quick review of these solves any problems. Please review prior to submitting a request for help to speed up and improve your experience.