Topic #1.3 – The ABCs


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Reading Assignment #1.3A:

Please read Module #1 in yoga4cancer Teacher Training manual.

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Writing Worksheet #1.3: Using a Metaphor

It can be surprisingly difficult for yoga teachers to say the word “cancer”. This assignment is designed to help you feel comfortable using the “c-word”- it’s not easy! To do so, we must cultivate sensitivity to language and voice. The use of metaphor is very powerful and nurturing, both for the teacher and for the students, but it requires time and practice, just like yoga. Metaphors do not always come easily, but usually when and from thoughts you least expect. Creating metaphors is an art and skill that will serve you well as a teacher.

Create 5 metaphors or ways to express the similarities between yoga and cancer. Write the metaphors and practice using them.  They will become important aspects of your teaching. The following are examples from past students, both survivors and non-survivors:

  • Yoga and cancer are both transformative experiences. The three words “you have cancer” are life changing. Likewise, the practice of yoga changes both body and mind.
  • Yoga, like cancer, is humbling.
  • Cancer and yoga are both good teachers. We learn from both how to sit with impermanence and fear.
  • Each individual’s cancer and yoga practice, and how they exist from day to day, is unique. Start there.
  • Yoga and cancer are windows, through which we see who we really are and how we really feel in each present moment.

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