Topic #5.2 – Teaching Practicum Assignment

Assignment Overview:

  • Write a teaching sequence following the specific instructions in the attached Teaching Practicum Assignment. 
  • In Topic #5.3, you will be asked to teach this sequence to a friend or family member, and reflect upon your experience.
  • You will then have the opportunity to revise your work before teaching your sequence again.
  • In the final teaching of the segment, you need submit a video recording using this sequence. Specific guidance on video-taping will be provided in Module #6. For now, focus on the yoga.
  • In Module #6, you will submit your video recording in Module 6. Your sequence should be 20 minutes in length. 
  • A mentor will review your final practicum and provide specific feedback.


Please do not submit early Practicum videos via email prior to Topic #6.6! They will not be accepted. You are required to complete all the work through the rest of Module #5 and through to topic #6.6 PRIOR to submission. You will then be asked to submit your Practicum video link within the program itself. Videos submitted via email will not be accepted.

Download Your Assignment Here.