Topic #6.5 – Teaching Practicum

1) Prepare & Teach your Practicum

By now, you have created your Teaching Practicum Assignment and you have used the sequence you created to practice teaching on a friend, family member or student. You have also reflected on this practice and may have made modifications to your sequence.

  • Please have your sequence and Reflections on Practice Teaching worksheet available for your reference.
  • Reflect on your experience taking ‘Class as a Survivor‘ and make any additional modifications to your Teaching Practicum Sequence.

Video record yourself teaching your sequence to your chosen friend, family member or student.  PLEASE NOTE: your student does not need to be a ‘cancer survivor or patient’ – due to COVID-19 outbreak we need to be mindful of the health and wellbeing of our cancer community or other vulnerable populations.  This is the second time you will be teaching your sequence. Teaching to the same person is acceptable. Please keep in mind the following during the recording:

  1. Make sure you are:
    • Seen clearly
    • Heard clearly 
    • Your student(s) are seen clearly
  2. Test your video ‘set up’ to ensure everything is working.  It would be awful to perform your entire sequence and have the camera not turned on or the audio silent. Make sure you have battery and memory left to save the file and identify where the file is being saved.

2) Upload your Teaching Practicum

Upload your video to a cloud-based website like: YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive or another. Your video does NOT have to be posted publicly. You can choose to upload a private video.

  • Once it has been uploaded to a cloud-based system of your preference, please submit via the form below. Its always best to copy the link via your browser bar OR use the share function depending on the program of your choice. 
  • If you are new to uploading a video to a cloud-based website, please review some suggestions here and set up an account.

Teaching Practicum Deadline:

  • Miami – If you were originally enrolled in the Miami Online + Weekend Program, your Practicum Deadline is April 5th.
  • Chicago – If you were originally enrolled in the Chicago Online + Weekend Program, your Practicum Deadline is April 26th.