Topic #7.3 – More Learning Opportunities

Online Program

As part of your Intensive Program, you now have access to the Online Program that is part of our ‘Online + Weekend‘ program for 1 month. The Online program is fantastic and over 2,000 people have completed with 98% satisfaction. So we strongly encourage you take up this opportunity and review all the content provided. There are videos, quizzes, worksheets and more to reinforce our time together at Kripalu. It will help cement the experience and you will likely find new jewels for your practice and support of cancer patients and survivors. Or maybe a review of the science lectures will remind you of something that was misunderstood over the week at Kripalu.

Access to the Online + Weekend Program is now listed in your Profile. It is listed underneath this ‘Intensive Program’. Please complete the Intensive before you get started on the Online + Weekend.

  • Please note we will not be reviewing your assignments and certain elements of the program won’t be available or applicable (e.g. the webinars and details of the weekend). But the majority of the program is valuable and you will enjoy.

Tips to Online Program

We ask for all participants to review the Tips to the online learning system that we have provided. The system is very easy and over 2,000 have completed and most without any issues. Those that experience issues are often based on their own computer set up or adherence to guidance. So please be sure to review the Tips provided to prevent any issues.

But don’t get so excited about the Online program that you forget to complete this Program as it will automatically provide your Certificate!