What is Oncology Yoga?

Oncology Yoga is an evidence-based yoga practice that addresses the specific needs of cancer patients and survivors. It employs the benefits of yoga and applies to all cancer types and stages, serving the growing cancer community to help mitigate side effects, support the immune system and achieve healthcare guidelines for recovery and prevention.

An Oncology Yoga session will:
  • build strength and flexibility
  • strengthen the immune system and improve lymphatic function
  • reduce cancer related fatigue
  • improve sleep and reduce anxiety
  • increase bone density
  • maintain a healthy body weight
  • help manage side effects like lymphedema, constipation and neuropathy
  • improve a sense of wellbeing and confidence
  • encourage survivors to participate in their wellness plan
  • And is innately trauma-informed.


Oncology Yoga helps cancer survivors achieve the weekly 150 minute movement recommendation.