Elements of the Workshop

The workshop is broken down into four different modules:


Module #1Module #2Module #3Module #4
Post-Surgery ManagementManaging LymphedemaLong-Term Side EffectsManaging Fatigue and Anxiety
Review of Facts & Research
Demonstration of yoga poses to help manage
Discussion of yoga poses

Each module will explore relevant information, facts and research. Demonstrations are also included to illustrate targeted yoga practices . There will be quizzes to support comprehension of key facts. Handouts are provided to promote ongoing education and implementation.

This is just a start to understanding Oncology Yoga.

This 3 hour workshop is just a portion of what is required to safely and effectively support cancer patients and survivors. There are many side effects of cancer and treatments that require dedicated study and focus. A comprehensive review of all side effects and relevant information requires additional time and experience.  If your curiosity is ignited at the end of the workshop, we will provide options to learn more.