Evolution of our Oncology Yoga Programs:

A letter from Tari Prinster as of January 8th 2020.

Dear yoga4cancer student, teacher or friend –

This new decade is bringing BIG new changes to yoga4cancer. After 20 years of experience, mounting research and strong momentum in integrative oncology, we see a better way to support and advocate for cancer patients and survivors, and to better train the professionals, like yourself, who hope to best serve them.

After my diagnosis in 2000, I entered ‘cancerland’ with countless treatments and a long recovery.  Since then I have trained nearly 3,000 other compassionate yoga and healthcare professionals in a specific oncology-based yoga method that encourages cancer patients and survivors to take an active part in their recovery. That’s a lot of trained teachers! These professionals are now supporting thousands of cancer patients and survivors worldwide in cancer centers, hospitals, community centers, homes and of course, yoga studios. Our work and method is now recognized as the leader in integrative oncology. The demand for our programs and teachers is growing. I am proud of the work we have done and continue to do.  But, I will not settle, and our next evolution will make further improvements to the lives of cancer patients and survivors worldwide.

If you are interested in our oncology-based training, I want to share the evolution and encourage you to join us in 2020 and beyond.  Plus, some of these changes might impact your training plans in 2020. Here are the primary changes that will be phased over the next few years.

  • Lengthening the Certificate Training Program – Our current 45 hour program is bursting at the seams!  In the recent year, we have recognized that we need to provide additional content, experience and support to ensure the safe and effective application of the yoga4cancer Methodology.  This includes additional information on the facts about cancer and yoga, research competency, more poses and sequences, additional expert content, mentor support and community forums and more teaching practicum time. The new extended program will likely become 60-70 hours in total. That is over 20% more content and support. All existing yoga4cancer Teachers will be provided a low-cost way to complete the new Training Program. Our goal is focused on the cancer patients and survivors so we must look to improve the training for both new and existing yoga4cancer Teachers.  Launching 2021
  • Going fully Online! By 2021, all programs will be offered entirely online. – For the last 5 years, we have proudly trail-blazed an online learning program with a weekend intensive component.  In 2019, we proved that the training can be delivered with all its essential elements, including mentor support and teaching practicums, completely through distance learning. Starting in the Fall of this year, all certificate programs will be offered entirely online. The cost and logistics to deliver in-person training programs is no longer something we can justify, and now technology enables the ability to deliver an effective program online while still including webinars, mentor support, and teaching practicum evaluation. Delivering our program online also helps us solve another ongoing problem – the need to reach beyond geographic boarders. Our community is growing and teachers around the world who may not otherwise be able to gain access to this program can now get the training they want and need. We can now ensure the method and the mission will continue to reach as many cancer survivors as possible globally. Launching Fall 2020. 
  • In-Person Trained Teacher Weekend Workshops – We still find immense value in connecting with others in person.  Community is vital in the work we do. The best way to learn and grow is together. As our certificate programs will be delivered entirely online, we are able to offer a new opportunity for advanced and continuing education for our existing Trained Teachers.  This is a common request and we want to provide that support.  We will evolve our weekend training intensives to focus on supporting our existing Trained Teachers of nearly 3,000 with ongoing in-person workshops. These will be offered starting this Fall in select locations and will focus on teaching practicum and demonstration, research, business and logistics of yoga4cancer classes.  Plus, it will provide the vital community element that we all recognize is necessary to improve the quality of support we provide cancer survivors and to support ourselves. 
  • Healthcare Professional Track including a short introduction program will be available for non-yoga teachers including cancer patients and survivors. This shorter program will widen our ability to advocate the work for those that never intend to teach yoga to cancer patients or survivors. Launching Fall 2020.
  • Advanced Licensee & Mentor Program – This new program is specifically designed for existing yoga4cancer Trained Teachers who already offer or plan to offer branded yoga4cancer Classes in their community. These individuals will be provided the highest level of support from the yoga4cancer Team and Foundation, including:  financial support; ongoing mentorship; additional exclusive resources and training opportunities; content development; and advanced marketing opportunities. Launching 2021

Most of these new elements are staged to be introduced over the next 2 years. But, while we work on that evolution and improved programs, we will offer selected 45 hour programs in 2020. Graduates of that program will be supported like our 3,000 trained teachers through the evolution. And moreover, in 2020 we will be providing the latest content and bonus new resources as we develop that content. So 2020 is great time to join the growing yoga4cancer Community. Please check out the 2020 Schedule below and join our growing movement. 

Together, we serve the cancer community. Together, we evolve.

Tari Prinster and the y4c Team