yoga4cancer Certificate Program

Advanced Oncology Yoga Training

Oncologists recommend yoga.

Yoga seems an obvious path for cancer patients and survivors coping with difficult treatments and their ongoing side effects. In fact, oncologists and cancer organizations are recommending yoga and exercise as part of cancer recovery and management. Both the American Cancer Society and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend between to 150 – 320 minutes of yoga per week to speed recovery or defend against cancer occurrence and reoccurrence. The 2018 guidelines highlighted that an active yoga practice (mentioning Vinyasa) was necessary. Therefore, more and more cancer survivors are seeking yoga classes to gain these benefits.

But, not all yoga is the same and for cancer survivors the needs are different.  True compassion flows from knowledge and facts. Without specific training, a teacher is not equipped to understand the unique physical and emotional needs and challenges of those touched by cancer. Over the past decade, the volume of research to support yoga as a safe and effective way to manage cancer side-effects has grown. Our evidence informed yoga4cancer Certificate Program provides the knowledge, facts,  solutions and practice to address the specific needs of the cancer community.


How Oncology Yoga is Different

The yoga4cancer methodology is an evidence informed Oncology Yoga method designed to support all cancer types, stages and needs. The unique method is based on an active vinyasa style that encourages movement coordinated with breath, accompanied by well-supported restorative poses to ensure participants achieve the maximum benefits of yoga. It is adaptable to meet the needs of cancer patients and survivors at any stage of treatment and recovery, and it can be applied in various ways by professionals of many different yoga styles and backgrounds. The 75 hour training explores:

  • The physics and physiology of yoga
  • Facts and research about cancer and cancer treatments
  • Short and long term side-effects and how yoga can mitigate or reduce them
  • Appropriate and inappropriate poses
  • Methods and practices exploring how to talk about cancer and be authentically supportive to survivors
  • Guidance on how to create an effective and safe class or practice
  • Supervised practice teaching

Should You Join Us?

Types of Participants

In 2023, we are evolving our recommendation and approach to participation in the Certificate Program.

For Yoga Professionals
  • This training is recommended for experienced, certified yoga teachers or therapists with at least 200 hours of completed training and 1 year of teaching experience.
  • Yoga professionals from any style or lineage are welcome. The training is based on the vinyasa style but utilizes many techniques to maximize the benefits of yoga for cancer patients and survivors.
  • The Teaching Practicum is challenging for non-experienced yoga professionals and is a requirement for certification.

Non-Yoga Professionals

We are developing an option for non-yoga teaching professionals. This option will provide most elements of the training but will not include practice teaching, mentorship and the required Teaching Practicum Assignment.

This program will not certify individuals in the yoga4cancer method and individuals will not be listed on our Certified Teacher directory.  However, this option has been requested by healthcare practitioners, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and more who want to support and advocate for Oncology Yoga within their communities, healthcare centers and among their clientele.  Details of this option will be announced in 2023.


yoga4cancer Certificate Program

Our renowned Certificate Program is evolving! Based on mounting recent research, newly developed resources and nearly 20 years of implementation, the Certificate Program is now provide 75 hours of training and includes the latest research, additional training content, mentor and peer engagement, and more resources. This enhanced program will ensure all graduates are best prepared to support cancer patients and survivors in their communities.

The yoga4cancer Certificate Program is delivered 100% online & via distance learning with carefully constructed videos, assignments, webinars, homework, practice, quizzes, discussion, mentor support and more. The program format is designed for busy yoga professionals who want to gain certification to safely and effectively support cancer survivors in their community.


Program begins early 2023!

75 hour programOne annual program will be offered starting in January 30, 2023.
It will be conducted over 6 months.
Delivered online through live sessions, lectures, videos, reading, quizzes, assignments and mentorship.
Self-paced, flexible scheduleEach participant determines their daily and weekly schedule to achieve deadlines.
It is recommended that students do least 4 hours per week over 6 months. However a time-bound practicum and mentor session is required for certification.
RegistrationRegistration will open in October 2022 and remain open until the program starts in Jan 2023 or when the maximum capacity is achieved (125 participants).
Live Interaction (with replays)15 live sessions including webinars, exclusive classes and workshops with mentors.
Events are held on Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern Standard Time. Dates are provided below.
Breakout sessions with mentors and fellow trainees will be provided.
Live participation is recommended but replays are available.
yoga4cancer ManualNew 260 page manual includes the latest research, guidance on poses, teaching tools and more. 
Additional required reading: Tari’s Yoga for Cancer book.
MentorshipOngoing support by Tari Prinster, y4c Team and Mentors.
CEU creditsAvailable for Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
TuitionSPECIAL OFFER: $1,399 – Register before December 1st 2022 and save $100.

Full Price: $1,499 for the 75 hour program.

Registration Now Open!

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High Satisfaction from Our Community

Technical Requirements

The program is conducted fully online and requires experience, understanding and interest in a training conducted via computers and the internet. The program is easy and intuitive, but if you are a novice at technology, it will require learning new skills. Technical requirements should not be intimidating, nor a barrier for participation for individuals who are motivated to learn and follow instructions.

  • Use of a computer with high speed internet access is required to complete this program. Program access from tablets and smart phones is possible but not recommended for certain assignments.
  • Up-to-date web browsers or any associated computer software is required. We recommend using Google Chrome to access the program.
  • Basic understanding of technology and online learning is required. A willingness to embrace technology will ensure an enjoyable and effective program.
  • Video recording is required by all participants. A 20 minute teaching practicum must be recorded and uploaded. We provide ample support and instructions.
  • Technical guidance and support is offered for students, but we require all participants to follow instructions and tools when seeking technical support.
  • Participants who may need additional technical support based on poor technological experience may be charged a fee.

Why is this work necessary?

Cancer in Our World

  • 40% of the world’s population will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.
  • 17 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed worldwide each year.
  • 68% of people will survive.

The cancer survivor population is large and growing, due to advancements in treatments. However, cancer treatments cause short and long term side effects that require management to improve long term health and survival.