Our Mission & Vision

yoga4cancer is an evidenced informed Oncology Yoga method designed to manage the physical and emotional impact of cancer, improve quality of life and daily functioning, reduce cancer recurrence and other co-morbidities. Our organization provides free resources for survivors, training programs for high-quality professionals and advocates for Oncology Yoga through outreach, education and research. With nearly 3,000 trained oncology yoga professionals, we are infiltrating hospitals, cancer centers, yoga studios, communities and homes with safe and effective Oncology Yoga. Patient outcomes are directly linked to race, gender, healthcare access, location, and education.

A key mission of our organization is to rectify inequities within the healthcare system.  The financial toxicity of cancer is one of the most debilitating side effects, and vulnerable populations are more negatively impacted. Our programs strive to remove barriers like cost, location, awareness and representation to improve patient outcomes for all cancer patients.

Our Vision is that Oncology Yoga is prescribed and available to all those touched by cancer, regardless of the economic, social, racial, or geographic barriers they may face.

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100% of Funds Raised Support Cancer Survivors

Your donation will pay for the following:

  • $20 – Fund an Oncology Yoga class for a survivor
  • $50 – Provide one yoga mat and a copy of Yoga for Cancer
  • $100 – Distribute 10 books and research to cancer centers and hospitals
  • $800 – Support a partial scholarship for a professional
  • $3,000 – a year sponsorship of 50 classes for up to 15 cancer survivors

All donations are tax-deductible.

Current Programs & Projects

We have a broad list of projects that are aimed to provide better access and outreach to low income and underserved cancer survivors. These include:

  • yoga4cancer Community Classes
  • yoga4cancer Scholarships
  • Class Grant
  • Reserach Projects
  • Yoga Props and Resources

Who are we

Board and Team Members

We are almost entirely volunteer organization that is committed to achieving the mission of yoga4cancer.

  • Tari Prinster – Founder, Chair and Head Teacher
  • Josi Kytle – Executive Director
  • Dale O’Reilly – Director
  • Teri Richardson Gandy – Board Member, Senior Teacher & Presenter
  • Jeannine Bishop – Board Member and Senior Teacher
  • Lindsey Pearson – Board Member, Teacher and Meditation Specialist
  • Sheilagh Falcigno – Board Member
  • Stephanee Howell – Senior Teacher and Hospital Integration Liaison
  • Carolyn Kirshner – Senior Teacher & Medical Advisor
  • Laura Hernandez – Senior Teacher and Tri Lingual Lead (Spanish, French and English)
  • Clare Patterson – Senior Teacher, Therapist in Training and MSK Liason
  • Karen Apostolina – Senior Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Hospital Integration Liaison.
  • Jana Hicks – Senior Teacher

Why we do what we do

Cancer affects more than 4,600 people in the U.S. every day. An estimated 1.7 million Americans will be newly diagnosed in 2018, and globally the number of new cases topped 14.1 million in 2012. Half of men and one-third of women will receive a cancer diagnosis during their lifetimes.

Despite advancements in treatment, cancer patients and survivors continue to face unique challenges to their physical and mental health, some of which persist for decades after initial treatment. Cancer survivors are more likely than those without a cancer history to experience poor health and disabilities. Survivors, defined as are more susceptible to other illness, report increased anxiety, and experience disruptions in daily functioning and family life.

Cancer takes a toll on survivors’ financial security, as well as their contribution to the overall economy. In 2014, cancer patients paid nearly $4 billion out of pocket for cancer treatments. In addition to the burden on individuals, the American Cancer Society reports that cancer alone is responsible for $115.8 billion in lost productivity, projected to reach $147.6 billion in 2020. Treatment and lingering health problems cause patients to reduce work hours, decline promotional opportunities, and take unplanned early retirement. For 27% of cancer survivors, financial hardships include reduced disposable income, increased debt, and/or bankruptcy.

Cost-effective and impactful interventions are essential to help individuals manage the devastating impacts of cancer. Yoga is an effective, low-cost cancer management tool that has been shown to improve mortality rates, support individual health and well-being, and reduce health care costs and lost productivity due to cancer. Yoga programs for cancer patients and survivors must be accessible, professionally-led, and supported by oncology team members as well as institutions and health benefits systems.  

An excerpt of the ‘Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients and Survivors‘, a white paper funded in part by the yoga4cancer Foundation

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Give Back Yoga Foundation

yoga4cancer Foundation are proud partners of Give Back Yoga Foundation.

Our shared mission is to increase access to yoga across social, physical and economic barriers.