Special Offer for Graduates of the 55 Hour Certificate Program

If you have recently graduated the 55 hour Certificate Program in 2021 and 2022, we will be providing you an exclusive opportunity to ‘Audit’ the 75 hour program for $199. This is a limited offer and will not be provided again.

As you have recently been certified and we can verify your ability to deliver a safe and effective Oncology Yoga practice, we will not require a practicum.  You would be required to take the entire program from beginning to end to gain the 75 hour certification but the practicum requirements will be omitted. All aspects of the program will be the same.  You are encouraged and welcome to attend all events and participate.

Steps to Participate:

  1. Review all details of the 2023 Certificate Program including the Curriculum and Live Events. To gain the 75 hour Certification, you will have to achieve the required timeline. Please note we will not allow any transfers. Review Program Details.
  2. Pre-Register below by December 1st. We will use this information to verify your certification and provide you an exclusive discount for registration.
  3. Register by December 20th. To all Pre-Register people that have been verified, we will send specific registration information. It will be required that you register by January 1st as setting up the audit program will require some time prior to the launch in mid January. Failure to miss this registration deadline will impact ability to participate.

Register for 75 Hour Program

Registration coming soon.