Module Tag: 2023

Module #4 – The y4c Methodology

Learning Objectives: Learn the principles of the y4c methodology. Review specific poses and sequences to demonstrate the method. Start to explore your own ability to provide an oncology yoga intervention. Identify a few tools that ensure a safe and effective yoga practice. Workshop sequences and ideas with your fellow trainees. Time to complete: 14 hours

Module #3 – The Science of Yoga

Learning Objectives Review the evidence-based principles of yoga. Learn how these principles impact the health and well-being of cancer patients and survivors. Review the potential risks of yoga for cancer community. Explore the research and science that advocates for Oncology Yoga. Experience first-hand how these principles work. Time to complete: 12 hours

Module #1 – The Foundation

Learning Objectives: Provide some grounding concepts and requirements of the yoga4cancer Methodology Identify and challenge pre-existing misconceptions or myths that prevent safe and effective support Learn some initial ways to build a credible and authentic voice Participate in your first (of many) yoga4cancer Class Time to Complete: 8 hrs