Table of Contents
  1. Registered Events
  2. How to Register for an Event

How do I access an event – including classes, workshops, webinars and programs?

Registered Events

If you have already registered for an event, it will be accessible via your Profile.

  • Programs & Workshops: These are longer than 2 hour events.
  • Classes & Events: Will consist of events shorter than 2 hours.

Hover the mouse over an event to select. Click on the event for event details and access.

Please note that live events are only accessible on the day and time of the event. On-demand events and Live event replays – if available – are accessible 24-7.

How to Register for an Event

To register for a new open event, please navigate to Programs for Professionals or Classes for Survivors.

If the event is associated with a specific program (e.g. the Certificate Program) or based on a specific community (Certified Teachers), please review the details provided for that program or community.