Table of Contents
  1. Mark Attendance
  2. Mark Complete

Mark Attendance and Mark Complete Buttons – the what, why and when!

Mark Attendance

When you have successfully registered for an event, you will see a ‘Mark Attendance’ button on the event page.

  • If the Mark Attendance button is GREY, your Event is not available yet. Please come back at the specific date and time that the Event becomes available.
  • If the Mark Attendance button is GREEN, then the Event is available. Click and proceed to the event or program. This includes replays of live events

Example of Mark Attendance:

Mark Complete

After you have participated in an Event, you will see a “Mark Complete” button in green. If the “Mark Complete” button is grey, this means you have not completed the Event. For all on-demand Events and replays, please participate through the end of the video. Don’t skip to the end!

The “Mark Complete” button is important in two ways:

  • For Teachers in Training – For our teachers in training, we will use this feature to verify attendance at required program events, including replays. Participation and completion of Evens is required for Certification.
  • All participants – We also track participation in all events to share activity levels with sponsors, grant funders, researchers and more. This information will be only be provided and reviewed at a high level and individual participation will not be available or used. Our goal is to help 10,000 cancer survivors a year get their 150 minutes of yoga per week. This helps us track that!

Example of Mark Complete: