Table of Contents
  1. Unexpected Results
  2. Nearby Search Not Showing Me
  3. Everything seems fine, still issues

Why I am not visible in Teacher Directory?

To make sure you are visible in our Teacher Directory, you must confirm your directory display from your profile settings. If you have set that option to ‘No’, you won’t be shown in directory for any kind of results.

Unexpected Results

Make sure you are not typing or copy-pasting your address in the ‘search your address’ field. In that case, longitude and latitude data is not generated for you. You might have to enter in manually by clicking on the values, however, we do not recommend this.

Nearby Search Not Showing Me

If you are shown in the listing but not in nearby search listing, it is likely that your longitude and latitude is not correct or not within the radius. By default, we show results that are within 10km radius.

Everything seems fine, still issues

If you confirmed your directory display to ‘yes’ from profile and the address data is also correct but you are still not visible in normal and filtered search results, please contact support. Please provide complete error or issue details to let our technical team fix your problem asap.