Watching Recorded Videos

There are many different videos throughout the Certificate Program. Some are yoga4cancer pre-recorded or we have curated content from 3rd party experts. Please keep the following in mind when you are interacting with videos:

  • Error Messages – Some people have restrictions on their web browser to view videos. These are not settings we control, know or can change. If you get an error message, please investigate (aka ask google!) the error and explore your settings.
  • Various different control levels – We have set the videos up differently to encourage participation and review. However, all videos have a pause and play function. Some require that you watch in full before you can progress and do any further work. If you can’t click Mark Complete (it is grey) or it’s not visible, this is because you have not completed the video or other assignments. Just simply drag to the end of the video.
  • Active Videos – Several videos will require you to participate and ‘do’ yoga.  These are well marked and advice is provided. But for these you should plan on using the ‘Full Screen’ option to watch the videos and participate in the yoga practice.
  • Videos playing with NO Sound – This is a common issues for people using Iphones and IPads to automatically mute a video. This is a setting on your device not the program. You are able to turn on the sound but you will have to adjust your settings. Please investigate based on your device and operating system.