Table of Contents
  1. Problem-solving Checklist
  2. Review your Profile

Why can’t I see my Certificate Program?

Problem-solving Checklist

There could be a few things going on. Please review the checklist below:

  • Are you logged into the correct account? Any program or class or event is linked to specific accounts. Please check the registration details.
  • Has your program started? For larger programs (not individual events), such as our 75 hour Certificate Program, there are specific days that the program will be available to launch. For example the 2023 Certificate Program is on January 31, 2023. If you are trying to access BEFORE or after those dates, access will be blocked and / or limited.
  • Are you trying to access the program AFTER the close of your program? Access to the certificate program and other smaller programs is often time limited as we are constantly working to improve and evolve. Therefore, please confirm the date of your program closing. Please note if you require access beyond that point or access to videos, this can be arranged. The need to close a program is based on logistics and cost… not limiting our community in learning!

Review your Profile

All events should be visible in your Profile.