Table of Contents
  1. About the Certificate Program Curriculum
  2. Recommended Hours per Week
  3. Other Details

What is the recommended pacing for the Certificate Program?

About the Certificate Program Curriculum

The Certificate Program is a 75 hour program that is designed to be self-paced and flexible for various schedules, our global community and learning styles. How and when you study, practice and learn each week is largely up to you! However, based on the fixed deadline of the Teaching Practicum Submission, we do recommend a certain pace of study to best achieve the deadline and have ample time to absorb the information. We do not recommend cramming this material! Achieving this schedule is dependent on on self discipline and management.

Recommended Hours per Week

We recommend about 4 hours per week for the 6 month period to achieve the 75 hours. Some weeks there is less and some others.

Other Details

  • Weekly Program emails are sent every Monday to keep everyone on track and to provide guidance on content and progress.
  • The later weeks of the program are lighter on required study hours to enable the mentors to review your practicums and provide thoughtful, individual feedback. We encourage students to review past work, lectures and classes and those hours are not included in the 75 hour allocation.
ModuleSuggested time to completeTime by hours
Orientation*two weeks2*
Module 1three week8
Module 2three weeks12
Module 3three week12
Module 4three weeks14
Module 5three weeks12
Module 6three weeks12
Program Recessfive weeks2
Module 7three weeks5
Total CEUs: 75

* Certain hours, like Orientation, are not covered in the CEUs provided.