My Account

Review the following details of your Account and learn how to access current resources. Navigating your Account is particularly useful to gain access the Certificate Program, including the Orientation Module.

My Account Details:
  • To access the Program – Navigate to the “Your Programs” section of the Dashboard. Click on the available program: Online Certificate Program – 2022.
  • To review or access your Invoice for the Program – please navigate to “Orders”. Note: if you have registered offline, or by using a payment method not under your own name, your invoice might not display accurate information. In this case, please request an invoice directly from the support team.
  • Account Details – Password, name and other personal details can be reviewed or changed here.

Please note that elements of My Account might change over the next few weeks. We will be sure to provide support and information when necessary.

Get Exclusive Support

As this is a new system for all involved, we suspect some bumps in the road. We are here to support you. We have set up a specific Support Request for our Teachers in Training.