Please update my details.

If you have recently received an email from yoga4cancer and believe your details are in accurate or just want to update your preferences, please use the below and the team will update.

Our goal is to provide relevant, helpful information to our broad community. We serve many different audiences from cancer patients and survivors to yoga professionals both new to yoga4cancer and those that have been trained in years past. Our community is large but our team is small. We aim to keep details accurate and up to date so please forgive any mistakes.

Multiple emails?! Many in our community have registered multiple emails with us. That causes issues when we are communicating and tracking preferences. For example, if you are a Certified Teacher and have several emails that you have used to request information, you will likely be getting various emails. Only the email recognized and used to log into the website will receive Certified Teacher emails. Other emails will receive other communications. This is similar to those that have already registered for the program via another email. Please keep this in mind when you are receiving communication.