yoga4cancer Mentorship Program

The yoga4cancer Mentorship Program provides Certified Teachers or Teachers in Training with the opportunity to work one-on-one with a yoga4cancer Senior Teacher to advance their skillset and understanding of the methodology and to achieve their own personal goals within the field of Oncology Yoga.

The Mentorship Program will:

  • Deepen trained teachers understanding of the yoga4cancer Methodology
  • Advance teaching skills
  • Provide dedicated guidance from a yoga4cancer Senior Teacher
  • Help establish Oncology Yoga classes and interventions in their communities

The mentorship program consists of three mentor sessions with a Senior Teacher, and a detailed evaluation of a submitted teaching practicum. Teachers will also participate in yoga4cancer classes taught by their Mentor, when possible. 

This program is often recommended for participants of the Certificate Program who may need more support to fulfill their teaching practicum requirements. The additional focus provided helps to develop the skills to obtain certification.

What’s included: 

  • Three 45 minute dedicated Mentor sessions. Includes session recordings.
  • Teaching Practicum evaluation and feedback.
  • Access to yoga4cancer practice (either by the mentor or other on demand or live options)

Timeline: 3-4 months. Specific deadlines will be provided based on the participant and the mentor schedule.

2022 Tuition: $199