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Program Overview & Introduction

First, welcome!  We are thrilled to have you join the growing community of yoga4cancer trained teachers.  Now, let’s get started! The objectives of this first section of your online learning is to ensure you have all the tools to make the most of the yoga4cancer Online Training Program.

Module #7 – Getting started!

Objectives: Final assignment Survey Working with y4c & the future Certificate Please note you must complete this Module including ‘Mark Complete‘ on the final Topic to ensure you receive your certificate. Upon completion, your certificate will be available to be downloaded.

Module #5 – Preparing to Teach

Objectives: Advice and cautions – Learn some tips, suggestions and what to avoid. Teaching Practicum Practice- Put your knowledge and understanding into practice. Suggested amount of time to complete: 4-5 hrs

Module #4 – The y4c Methodology

Objectives: Defining the y4c Methodology: Learn the five principles of the y4c methodology. y4c Poses: There is nothing really new in yoga, but when applying the y4c method, there is the good, the bad and the ugly! y4c Tools: Become familiar with important tools and techniques to create a safe and beneficial experience for your students. …

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Module #3 – The Science of Yoga

Objectives: Scientific Foundation of the y4c Methodology:  Learn science-based principles of yoga. The impact of breath, movement, body-mind connection and much more are explored as a way to understand more deeply and clearly how yoga benefits those experiencing cancer and treatment side effects. Benefits of Yoga: Review the latest research and fact-based understanding on how …

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Module #2 – The Physical and Emotional State of a Cancer Survivor

Objectives: Understanding Cancer: Learn the basics of cancer: What it is, how cancer develops, how it spreads, how cancers differ and what causes cancer. The Human Body Systems: Develop a basic understanding of the human body systems, with special focus on the Immune System. Cancer Treatments and Common Side Effects: Explore the common treatments of cancer and …

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Module #1 – The Foundation

Now that we covered some program basics, let’s get started. We are thrilled to have you join the growing community of yoga4cancer Trained Teachers. We have important work to do together. The objectives of this first module are: Welcome from Tari Download your Manual Myths and misconceptions: Take a shot at busting some common myths about …

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