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What is Oncology Yoga?

Oncology Yoga is an evidence-based yoga practice that addresses the specific needs of cancer patients and survivors. It employs the benefits of yoga and applies to all cancer types and stages, serving the growing cancer community to help mitigate side effects, support the immune system and achieve healthcare guidelines for recovery and prevention.

Guidelines for Reading Research

The growing research on the many benefits of yoga is encouraging. It seems that new studies are published every week about the benefits of yoga for cancer patients. Yet, it is difficult to follow all the studies, in part because scientific research has its own vocabulary. It can also be challenging to get to the …

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Applications of Oncology Yoga

With your practicum submitted, you are nearing the end of this program. Yet, this program cannot be the end to your learning about yoga and cancer. Your lived experience with those whom you serve with this methodology will ultimately become your greatest teacher.  As you reflect on your Teaching Practicum, this is also a good …

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Connecting with your Mentor

Well done! Your Teaching Practicum, Self-Assessment and other written assignments will be carefully reviewed by your Mentor over the program recess. During this time, your Mentor will be contacting you via email to arrange a one-on-one call to deliver their feedback to you. This call will be up to 60 minutes in length. Please allow …

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Case Study: Bryan, a Leukemia Patient.

Everything that you have learned about cancer, treatment side effects, the science of yoga and the yoga4cancer methodology can be applied as yoga therapy in service to the cancer survivor. The following case study is an example: Module #6 Worksheet: Case Study

Online Learning Tools

The Online Program – where you are now – is the source of all aspects of your program. There are various types of learning tools that will help you understand, remember and reflect upon your training. Below are a few suggestions on how to effectively & efficiently use them. 1. Videos Many videos are included …

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Language in Oncology Yoga

The experience is of cancer is like navigating an emotional landscape; delicate and greatly influenced by language. There are unique ways that language can be both challenging and influential for an oncology yoga professional. It can be surprisingly difficult for yoga professionals, or anyone, to say the word ‘cancer’. This is because the stigma around …

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Fears and Concerns

Facing our fears is an important step toward deepening an understanding of what cancer patients and survivors experience and thus, what they need from practice. When a yoga class or session is based on clear knowledge and informed compassion without one’s own fear and ego clouding judgement, that creates opportunity for survivors to receive the …

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Advice for the Hard Question

Reading Assignment: Losing a Student Please download and read this article by Tari in response to a yoga4cancer Teacher asking for special advice.