To our registered 2022 Certificate Program Participants,

First, thank you for your patience and understanding about the delay of the program. Disappointing valuable community members, like you, is always a concern of ours and we avoid at all costs. But as explained in the email on January 16th, this delay was unavoidable. We have been overwhelmed by your support and understanding- thank you. To review the reasons behind the delay again, please see this letter to our community.

Working with the web development agency and our internal team, we have revised the schedule to ensure all aspects of the relaunch are achieved. Below are the details of the new schedule for your careful review. We know and understand this is a significant change and might have an impact on your ability to participate in the program. For that, we apologize and will offer a full refund. Please review both the curriculum AND the live events schedule to make sure they are possible for you.

Key Spring 2022 Dates & Deadlines

  • Program Starts – April 4th 2022
  • Practicum Deadline – June 22nd
  • Closing Webinar – August 8th

Live Events– There are 12 live events scheduled throughout the 20 week Program. All events are held on Mondays at 1pm EST – unless otherwise specified. All events are recorded and available on replay.

We hope that the revised schedule works for you and enables you to actualize your Oncology Yoga training with us. Our community of nearly 3,000 teachers is looking forward to welcoming you.


yoga4cancer Team (Tari, Josi and Dale)

Next Steps:

Now that you have reviewed the revised 2022 Spring Curriculum and schedule, please see the below options:

  1. Continue with Spring Program Certification. The new schedule will be possible for you and you would like to continue with your Oncology Yoga Certification.
    • Please note if we do not hear from you by March 1st, we will assume that you are able to do the updated schedule and will proceed with the program as outlined.
  2. Cancellation and Refund. The new schedule will not work and you would like to receive a refund on paid tuition fees. We hope that this doesn’t prevent future participation in our program or others.
    • We will refund you the full amount paid for your tuition. The method of refund depends on how you originally paid for the program. For some individuals, a refund direct via the original payment will be possible. For others, a refund via PayPal or check to refund the amount may be necessary.

The deadline to respond is March 1st to ensure that your Profile and Program are set up before the Orientation that is scheduled to launch on March 21st. Please fill out the below form to indicate your preference or thoughts on the above.