The C Word: Community

Finding out you have cancer can be a devastating blow. Instantly, you have a whole new set of priorities, fears, questions. You may be feeling lonely or angry or completely overwhelmed.

We don’t want to worry our families and loved ones, we don’t understand all of the medical jargon our doctor is telling us… there are so many reasons why a room full
of women who are at different stages of the same journey can help us not only cope,
but then move forward. Experiencing the y4c community leads to finding comfort,
camaraderie and support from others; while gaining strength from the realization of all
the comfort and support you still have in yourself to offer.

In yoga, we practice svadhyaya, or self-study. Through cultivating the ability to quiet our
thoughts and introduce ourselves to our entire inner and outer bodies, we are able to
better manage our reactions to things outside of our control. This is an excellent tool for so many areas of life. But the more incidental benefit of a yoga class is the community, these people who can sympathize and offer advice. This community of support can be a welcome reprieve to bask in quiet understanding or shared challenges, and can be so rejuvenating amidst the often solitary experience of cancer.


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