Ask Tari: I am 8 weeks post bilateral breast surgery, should I do yoga?

“Dear Tari – I am 8 weeks post bilateral breast surgery with tissue expanders.  I have to be careful of engaging my pec muscles and lymphedema.  I am receiving PT for shoulder / range of motion issues.  What is your staff’s expertise?  How are the poses modified to accommodate my needs? Thanks, Jane”

Tari’s Response:

Jane – First, how is it going with the expanders? Eight weeks should be great timing to start a yoga practice (yoga4cancer) specifically designed to help you maintain range of motion until you have the implant surgery. 

Yes, I have personally trained all the y4c teachers. Some have experienced bi-lateral reconstruction.

There are many ways to protect the pec muscles allowing the expanders to do their job. The y4c (yoga4cancer) methodology places focus on each survivors individual needs based on research and experience. And each teacher is trained to accommodate and modify accordingly. We understand how to make you comfortable at the same time assist the muscles to stay healthy and function well.

Lymphedema is a concern for every breast cancer survivor. Myself included. There are many ways the yoga we do in y4c classes can be preventative as well as provide relief. At this time for you prevention is the focus.  But over your lifetime you are at risk. Understanding how yoga works for both relief and prevention is part of every y4c yoga class. Learning how and knowing this give you confidence and reduce your concerns.

Here are some videos to get you started… but in the class you will experience many others. 

Please know that its important to keep your ‘team’ aware and informed.  For example:

  1. Share with your DR and oncology team that you want and are attending yoga classes.
  2. Be sure to share your current situation, any challenges, needs or concerns with your yoga teacher..  They can help provide modifications and support.

All that being said, I hope you join us in a y4c class. You will meet others who have been on a similar journey, learned to use yoga properly, have seen and experienced the benefits.

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