Thank you for your interest in Oncology Yoga and yoga4cancer!

We are grateful to have so many people attend the live webinar yesterday: Introduction to yoga4cancer Certificate Program. And we know many of you could not attend in person but are excited for the replay. Below provides the replay and the ‘homework’ as we discussed.

Replay of the Webinar:


As mentioned in the webinar, we have some post webinar ‘homework’ for you. We believe this is an excellent way to explain more about Oncology Yoga and yoga4cancer. AND to help demonstrate why this work is so important and would like to encourage you to take your compassion forward into safe and effective support.

1. Review 2023 Program Curriculum

The 75 hour yoga4cancer Certificate Program will start on January 30, 2023 and will complete on July 31, 2023. The majority of the program is self-paced and flexible to support various schedules, locations and learning styles. How and when you study, practice and learn each week is up to you.

Key Dates & Deadlines

  • Program Orientation begins – January 15, 2023
  • Program Starts – January 30th
  • Practicum Deadline -May 24th
  • Closing Webinar – July 24th
  • Program Access Closes – December 31, 2023

Live Events

  • There are 15 live events scheduled throughout the 28 week Program.
  • All events are held on Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time.
  • Each event is unique and designed to support your learning curriculum, create community, and answer questions. Some events are optional and some are required.
  • Live participation is always recommended but replays are available.

Download Curriculum and Live Event Schedule

Please note some dates and times are subject to change but advanced notification will be provided for any registered individuals.

2. Read the White Paper:

Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients and Survivors is a robust review of existing research on the benefits of yoga for cancer patients and survivors and how yoga manages short- and long-term side effects faced by most cancer survivors. It was developed by a team of medical writers, oncologist, researchers and yoga4cancer team.  And it is also an initial guide to healthcare professionals on how to include a yoga intervention in their institution. 

Available in English, Spanish and Japanese.

3. Take a Class with Tari

Often the best way to learn is to experience. So we encourage you to take a class with Tari and feel the method for yourself.

We have several free on demand classes available for your participation.

4. Register before December 1st and Save $200!

As a thank you for participating in the webinar and showing your early interest, we are extending an additional discount.



You must put this into the requested field during registration to save the additional $100 off. This offer will expire on December 1st.

SAMPLE the Program!

The short sample program is designed to be a sneak peak into the yoga4cancer Certificate Program, our teaching approach, core elements of the method and, importantly, to provide a brief experience with the online learning system.

  • A collection of topics from various modules within the 75 hour Certificate Program
  • SAMPLE of the Manual.
  • An overview of our teaching approach
  • Examples of various learning activities
  • Review of post certification resources

Please note that any assignments, activities or quizzes will not be reviewed or saved in this sample program.  You will need to repeat some assignments in the full program to count towards certification.